There is no reason to go insane but some people go mental for pictures and dreams. Go frankly mad or sweet-little-crazy-daisy, doux-dingue as we say in french and would perfectly resume the latter state of mind. A little wild but not too much to get fierce and dangerous, with rich imagination. Sometimes beyond borders but who still cares. The link with this evening’s topic? Practically none except it may refers to our short introduction written on Hanna, remembering the words we used back then. If ours were read as lovely understatements or if we really meant some people get too excited too fast in this business is our secret and it’s no time to share. And to be true it’s right in between, halfway or just touching the golden middle though we’re not known as tedious minds. So what? Already a few lines just spent on discussing some short text we wrote a few days ago and you’ve probably forgotten since (we bet not Hanna’s face, though) and no fact. But who needs them when you have the pictures. If you need the numbers you can rush to Team‘s website, run to their fashion section and you’ll got all you need, even polaroids if our memories aren’t getting sick. Sweet disease it would be if we could remember beautiful things we’ve never seen. But our eyes are not betraying us while looking at her test photographs by Ole Marius Fossen. What we see now is probably what you’ll get tomorrow (without trying to make any predictions) and the peaceful black and white atmosphere surrounding the young model is perfectly echoing her features (without trying to sound too lyrical and fakely romantic). Tales are bits of the past but supposed to draw a line going straight to the day after tomorrow. And that’s insane now. We’re not.


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